Daily Computing with a Non-Administrative Account

Key in Lock. Lock is a puzzle piece.

There is always a balance between security and convenience.  There are also times when there are too many controls that lead to too much inconvenience.  In short, the balance for the need of controls should match the situation and the environment – not too little and not too much.  This article looks at the benefits of not using an administrative account for regular daily computing.1616 Continue reading “Daily Computing with a Non-Administrative Account”

Open Mesh – The Importance of Using the Same Version of Firmware

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I recently purchased additional Open Mesh units.  Last year, I installed a single OM2P router in the center of the house.  While this was good, there were still a couple of dead spots which went unnoticed in rarely used rooms in the house.  Time to add more repeating nodes to the network.

Photo of OM2P Router

[Disclaimer: Open Mesh does not pay JAMM for this endorsement.  The author recommends Open Mesh products and provides this solution to customers.]

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